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Tilt-a-Vend 2

Tilt Sensor for Vending machines
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Apparently, some people die each year by shaking a vending machine until it falls on them. Once Tilt buttons are installed on all machines, this device will save lives.

Install a sensor on the vending machine like the tilt sensor in a pinball machine. When it goes off, the collection bin closes shut (from the top, where hands can't reach) an alarm goes off and a voice shouts "Attention, People have died by shaking vending machines. If you do continue shaking this machine, you absolve the Vend-It Corporation of all responsibility in your untimely demise."

dbsousa, May 02 2003

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       surely this should be an anno on your other one?
po, May 02 2003

       I wondered.   

       I think, though, that they are independant devices, and that your stance on one versus the other is a good indication of your place in the spectrum of political thought.   

       or not...
dbsousa, May 02 2003


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