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USB Webcam waving hands attachment

Voice activated
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I occasionally use a webcam to have business (no that isn't in quotation marks or a euphemism) discussions with people on the other side of the planet. Some people naturally get to grips with the protocols of using a web cam. Others, like me, don't. And in those instances we both wonder why each other is constantly staring at our respective nether regions.

The accepted protocol is fairly simple - when talking look at the camera, when listening look at the screen. That way the two web camming parties always appear to be making eye contact but I always forget as do many others.

This simple USB powered device is a pair of waving hands, perhaps waving in a Michael Macintyre exaggerated style, that attaches to the webcam. Being voice activated it starts waving whenever I start speaking which will cause me to look up to see what the fuss is and consequently look at the camera. It could also possibly distinguish pathos causing me to smile or frown appropriately.

The_Saint, Apr 01 2011

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       The idea could be adapted to use voice stress analysis on what the other person is saying.   

       The waving hands attachment could then provide another function, to give a whatever your local hand gesture is for "they are talking out of their butt".
not_morrison_rm, Apr 02 2011


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