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allows people to ignore me
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It's a shield that people can deploy whenever I start talking intolerant and curmudgeonly crap. It stops all the nonsense from bothering the listener.
Murdoch, Sep 07 2006

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       Is it magic, or something more like bad breath?
xandram, Sep 07 2006

       you're very hard on yourself. how refreshing, the usual gadget is to stop other people wittering.
po, Sep 07 2006

       It uses similar technology to a "cloaking device", but in reverse, or summink, and is therefore outwith the legal requirements of the halfbakery, but I thought I'd chance my arm.   

       I have also invented a gadget to stop other people wittering. It's made out of a bit of cloth and is called the "WitterNoMore". You stick it in their mouth when you've heard enough gobshite. It's a bit like a gag, except it's got brand name on it and I charge for it.
Murdoch, Sep 07 2006

       I'll take ten.
po, Sep 07 2006

       That'll be £40 zedillion gazillion skadillion, please.
Murdoch, Sep 07 2006

       will you take a cheque?
po, Sep 07 2006

       Only from Coutts.   

       Cash'll do nicely, though.
Murdoch, Sep 07 2006


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