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Violet Visible hand sanitizer

The look of clean.
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With soap and water, one cannot tell that a person has washed hands unless the caked on filth is obvious. The tiny ugly germs that reside on fingers after they have engaged in unmentionable activities are not obvious. But what to do?

Now, rub on hand sanitizers are in vogue. One rubs some clear mucinous stuff into ones hands and can feel they have been "washed". BUNGCO leverages the lack of rinsing to add proof that hands are clean!

BUNGCO's Violet Visible hand sanitizer is a clean shade of violet, apparent to all. This violet breaks down on contact with germs, or gradually on contact with nothing, prompting the violet handed to reapply.

Now, decline to shake hands with someone who does not have the pure look of VV! Take some with wherever you go. Wonder no more!

bungston, May 04 2010

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       Sounds like those dental plaque "disclosers", but for hands.
8th of 7, May 04 2010

       They've done it with sunscreen, why not sanitizer? How about with STD-discouraging-lubricants?
normzone, May 04 2010

       i prefer to rely on a functional immune system (and reasonable hygiene) to protect me from direct communication. Save the sanitizers for food prep surfaces and surgical gear. Nuking your hands constantly is just opening the door to resistance and, like taking certain antibiotics kills your gut flora, you are killing the harmless residents of your skin. All this stuff is for neurotics anyway.
WcW, May 04 2010

       vanishing purple is also used in glue sticks and white paint for ceilings. I suppose there could be a longer list of uses.
dentworth, May 08 2010


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