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Voiceover iPod

Parental voiceover of ipod signal
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Tired of waving your hands or making strange faces at your teenager who is listening to his/her iPod to get their attention?

Introducing "voiceover iPod" with new Bluetooth connectivity allowing parents (or other friends of the iPod Wearer) to converse with the iW by introducing a short-range Bluetooth signal whuch replaces the current iPod track, quickly fading down and pausing the track, and allowing (more-or-less-normal) conversation to occur.

Mom, Dad or friend simply places an earbud mic/headphone unit on and emits a signal which locates a nearby iPod and activates the special circuitry. (Could be integrated into a cellphone, and have a special number to call, or just works by proximity.)

When the conversation has ended, the voice fades out, the music fades in, and teenager goes back to communing with his/her current favorite .mp3.

csea, Mar 07 2006

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       I find a water pistol very effective with my students... they learn fast! (+)
xenzag, Mar 07 2006

       [21 Quest} Are you requiring retroactive immediate feasibility of a four-year-old halfbaked idea? What nonsense!   

       I predict all of this will be part of the iPod Touche' (!)
csea, Apr 26 2010


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