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Whale GPS

Whale GPS, because really they do need it
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See whale 1600km up a river. They get lost more often than I do.

The interface could be tricky though. And it could incorporate latest locations for whaling vessels.

very lost whale http://news.bbc.co....mericas/7105578.stm
BBC news - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/7105578.stm [random_patenter_syndrome_victim, Dec 02 2009]

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       A Yes/No system might be appropriate. A`distress song if the G.P.S. thinks, with a high degree of probability, the route is a duff one and a calm, serene song to indicate line out of trouble. I think a whale is brainy enough to get the idea.   

       In fact, may be to brainy and go 'postal' because of the backseat driver.
wjt, Dec 03 2009


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