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giant hairbrush

because man's truth is 9/10 presentation
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An early onset winterly storm has just passed over and has left the local creek with a bit of an image problem.

I propose a large CAT digger but instead of a bucket attachment, a giant hairbrush.

This machine could then travel the mowed grass verges brushing the creek bank filter plants back to a condition that our mother would be proud of.

wjt, May 12 2009

my idea whole-head_20hairbrush
thanks for the inspiration [neo_, Nov 28 2009]

Comb the Desert!! http://www.youtube....watch?v=MtkK3eijBso
[knowtion, Nov 28 2009]

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       would lead to hairdressers being employed in agriculture, breeding fads in field-dressing... [+/-?]
loonquawl, May 13 2009

       WIFRT: I expected a whole-head hairbrush - 1 pass and it's all done.
Anyway, those street-sweeping, front-of-truck-mounted rotary brushes could be easily converted for creek coiffure.
neutrinos_shadow, May 13 2009

       gentle there, neutrinos shadow. Although the vac attachment isn't such a bad idea.
wjt, May 14 2009

       Not one hundred strokes before bed time then?
normzone, Nov 28 2009

       methinks i has me an idea! thanks, [neutrinos_shadow]
neo_, Nov 28 2009


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