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od 2 po

a po'm
  (+11, -4)
(+11, -4)
  [vote for,

fo po

po no dodo
Po no bobo
ho ho po
ao eo po

jojo po
rolo po
coco po
yoyo po
kokomo po

solo po
no mo po?
oh oh, po

oo po
io po
eo po
uo po

po no qo
po no zo
po wo

po mojo
lo fo po
poco pogo po
xoxo po

toto po

Mustardface, Apr 17 2010


MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 17 2010

       Oh? No go po?
Dub, Apr 17 2010

       Wo? No kno.
wagster, Apr 17 2010

       po et ic
xenzag, Apr 17 2010

       So, yo do K.O.
pocmloc, Apr 17 2010

DrWorm, Apr 17 2010

       Oriniko flo po, fo sho.   

       added 'po mojo'
Mustardface, Apr 18 2010

       Wo'? No anno fro [po]?
pertinax, Apr 18 2010

       (You guys crack me up!)
Mustardface, Apr 18 2010

       The cat in the hat   

       sat on the mat   

       To and throw   

       Where art thou po?
skinflaps, Apr 18 2010

       (Disclaimer:  Whereas po and Mustardface are the names of halfbakery accounts operated by po Operator and Mustardface Operator respectively.   

       Whereas halfbakery account text may be viewed as expressions of personified characters which exist within the halfbakery dialog.   

       Whereas halfbakery account operators are individual persons, groups, committees, corporations, countries, entities, bots, house pets, cats and/or celebrities.   

       Account text, od 2 po, is hereby declared to be a response of character Mustardface to character po and does not suggest a relationship between the individual persons, groups, committees, corporations, countries, entities, bots, house pets, cats and/or celebrities which operate their corresponding accounts)
Mustardface, Apr 18 2010

       'el lo   

       no show po?
- slow po!
po no show - un sho how to respo

       bye for now,
po, Apr 18 2010

       ma po to fu um um goo
dentworth, Apr 18 2010

       //un sho how to respo//   

       Just smole and wove.
pertinax, Apr 20 2010

       Wot the fo?
Jinbish, Apr 20 2010

       Oh woe is po?
blissmiss, Apr 21 2010

       Odd to [po], no?
nineteenthly, Apr 21 2010

       La la, po, ipso facto Tinky winky. Dipsy lala po.
BunsenHoneydew, May 02 2010


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