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seasonal webcam

Swap days for hours.
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Put a stable camera in some reasonably interesting, webcam-worthy location. Have it take a picture once every four minutes for a year; archive these pictures without publishing them.

Then start running a Web site to display the pictures, but swap time of day with time of year. For example, on March 28, the web site would show only images gathered at 5:40 AM. At midnight on March 28, it would show an image from 5:40 AM on January 1; four minutes later, the site would refresh to show an image from 5:40 AM on January 2. By noon, it would be showing images from 5:40 AM in June. At 11:56 PM or so, it would show an image from 5:40 AM on December 31; when the time rolled over to midnight on March 29, it would show the image from 5:44 AM on January 1.

(As this is happenning, it's squirreling images away for next year's display, of course.)

This would give people a chance to witness time and date in a different way. The change wouldn't be seamless -- the weather varies from day to day -- but there would still be some continuity from one image to the next.

(Ideally, the location would be one that has something interesting to see at night. Otherwise, one might want to start the year at dawn and end the year at dusk.)

egnor, Mar 28 2001




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