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timepiece fugit

the time is... now!
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Perhaps rather then being able to accurately tell the time to the second what's required is a reminder that the seconds are passing. Introducing the ChronosT (TM).

The watch comes in a variety of styles and colours. The point of similarity between them all is that they have no hands or numbers, merely a flat panel. Whether worn on the wrist, as a pendant, or a fob, the watch produces a slightly enhanced ticking as a reminder that life is passing and that many of us believe we're only gonna get one spin.

Variations to the ChronosT might include a watch with a ranging tick loudness, or one that gives a single loud "tick" at unplanned intervals.

Nontaigne, Oct 06 2004

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       why not just take away the hour and minute hands and have a rotating bezel ?

you could always just count ?
neilp, Oct 06 2004

       Thanks for the comment neilp - I think I'd better send the first ChronosT to you.
Nontaigne, Oct 06 2004

       probably just a personal thing [Non] - I'm more a sweeper than a ticker when it comes to watches.
neilp, Oct 06 2004

       Could I get a digital one? The ticking on analogue timepieces drives me crazy.
yamahito, Oct 06 2004

       [yamahito] me too - I bought a new watch a couple of weeks back, and (because the shop was quite loud) I didn't notice the ticking noise.. It's fine to wear in public places, but I have to put it in my pocket at the cinema, and in a different room if I want to get to sleep.
neilp, Oct 06 2004

       A digital version might have an LCD display that shows a pulse of coloured ripples each second... or possibly in time with your heartbeat.
Nontaigne, Oct 07 2004

       I like the thought of a sweeper and ticker version -- all you get is one second at a time.   

       I really like this post. It's very existential. Inspired!
danrue, Oct 07 2004


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