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Indifferent contrarian but the opposite.

Here for realism when I'm visiting unimagineable places. Here for imagination when realism fails.

[Aug 11 2012, last modified Sep 17 2014]

(+1) 10 items or more
(-2) 10K light-speed metre relay
(+1) Adaptive watch
(+2) Ads in numbers
 Alphabet soup encryption
 Animal Fit test
(+6) Ball-peen hammer
 Bear Lee Bear
 Beaver shot
(+3) Berating scale
(+1, -3) Biatch ringpiece ring
(-1) Blood fluke celluvores
 Collection boxing gloves
 Combinatorial thing math
 Cook-progressed microwave
(+5) Disaster spider
(-2) Dissolving wedding ring
(+2) DNA donor ring
 Dog Disc Golf
(+4) Ebook shelfie printer
(+1) Expressiveness catalogue
(+4) Extinguisher clock alarm
(+3) Fireoffs
(-1) FQ
(+3, -1) Ghostscripts
(+4) Gravimeter phones
(+1) Hoover Race Wars
(-6)(-6) Household gun licence
 Inflatable Air showerbed
(+9)(+9) Inflatable progress display
(+2) Is he really dead?
(+4) Kill camera
(-1) Know-it-all tax
(+3) Life-saving sharks
(+2) Liquid maracas
 Longevity race
(+2) Macramé with jumping beans
(+1) Medical conviction
(+1, -4) Microscopic toilet
 Mirmake sunglasses
(+3, -1) Model Dog Man
(+1) Mouse sex farm
(+1) Musicfeed
(+1) Mute maker
 Orphan toy registry
(-1) Pay-per-view dating
 PEI Kitty Litter
 PEI vacuum bags
(+2) Pet Collar Car Alert
(+4) Portable fake pothole
(+1) Propinquity Net
(+3, -1) Public Urination campaign
 Realtime laugh tracking
 Regional aircraft airdrop systems
(-1) Russian doll family travel dummies
(-1) SCBA CO2 offset
(+3, -1) Scientific Role Play
(+1) Shardzset
(+7) Skinnable wallpaper
(+2) Spice dispenser
(+4) Standardized colours for door handles
(+1) Superbug boiler
(+3) Superman sling
(+2) Tabs reload + report changes
 The Bra-panty
(+4, -1) Thought experiment
(-2) Tiered royalty
(+5) Trees not headstones
(+3, -1) Twist-wash toilet exits
(+1, -5) Unemployed politicians
(-2) Yummy Flush

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