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[Oct 02 2001, last modified Oct 01 2001]
(+8, -1) Bat Ear Microphone
 Bathtub Hydroelectric Generator
(+6, -5) Caffeine Shower
(+1) car horn 911 autodial
(+6, -2) cargo pantaloons
(+12)(+12) Chap-Lock
(+2, -3) Firecracker Gauntlet
(+6, -1) Jigsaw Puzzle Treasure Hunt
(+15)(+15) laser pointer collar
(+3, -2) polarized road signs
(+20, -4)(+20, -4) robot wolverine dance skeleton
(+2) Ship in a soda bottle
(+19, -8)(+19, -8) Urinal sink
 velcro socks
(+6, -2) Vibrating Breast Implants

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