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[zen_tom]'s top ten
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Hastily compiled list of 10 'favorite' ideas of mine, presented in alphabetical o
 Autotumultatron  Sep 05 06 
 Become Astoundingly Rich  May 22 07 
 Bum Lid  Sep 15 05 
 Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Cthulu Faced Bookmark  Dec 06 06 
 Digital Big Ben  Jan 04 07 
 Encode Data in the Rings of Saturn  May 09 06 
 Magnetophonic Chess-Set  Oct 21 04 
 Ninja drinking buddies  Jul 06 04 
 Phlogistonic Vehemence Attenuator  May 31 05 
 Spartacus Anti-Hijacking  Oct 03 06 

[zen_tom]'s top ten: [edit]

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