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No more soap slivers!

This bar of soap has a hollow center for the marketable purpose of eliminating soap slivers. The hollow is about the size of a typical soap sliver, so that when the bar is reduced to approximately that size it simply disappears as if a popped bubble. That is how it is depicted on the packaging, however it is likely that it will simply compress into a soap sliver once it is small enough.
-- rcarty, Oct 29 2014

Gosh, look what else I found in this category... Graduated_20Bar_20Soap
[normzone, Oct 29 2014]

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Do we have a quorum? [jutta, Oct 31 2014]

A marketing gimmick that will likely annoy people [+]

The void might make it float, making it pleasantly easy to find in the bath [-]
-- bs0u0155, Oct 29 2014

Compression problem? Nah. Fill the void with liquid soap.
-- the porpoise, Oct 29 2014

I'm really glad this wasn't what I thought it was.
-- doctorremulac3, Oct 29 2014

Yes, that's correct. However, it might be better to make the outside smaller, then the inside could be bigger without the bar being quite so large.
-- rcarty, Oct 30 2014

Yes, vice versa. Once the inside becomes the outside, then the outside should be made the inside once more to ensure that a proper averaging of inside and outside has taken place.
-- rcarty, Oct 30 2014

So, TARDIS soap?
-- Spacecoyote, Oct 30 2014

I image that the experience would be something like rubbing the bar, or for purists first transferring the soap to a special cloth, over your entire body to make a large bubble that you would be contained in. So you would be inside the outside of the bar. Which is actually the inside of the bar. So inside the bubble, inside the bar. The TARDIS soap. This may actually be the secret of teleportation.

Just don't let the bar slip inside where the sun doesn't shine or you'll be inside yourself.
-- rcarty, Oct 30 2014

Just melt the sliver to the next bar.
-- RayfordSteele, Oct 30 2014

Du you really use a bar of soap more than once? Hygiene standards are slipping these days.
-- pocmloc, Oct 31 2014

What do you mean? This is a halfbaked idea, surely such a thing doesn't exist. I was merely contemplating a way to perhaps cleanse my body and relieve my sores.
-- rcarty, Oct 31 2014

It exists. I've seen it in hotels. It works about as well as you'd expect.
-- MechE, Oct 31 2014

Wait... two... bars of soap.

Both hollow... the mind boggles.
-- RayfordSteele, Nov 01 2014

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