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Instead of elevators just staying on the floor they were last used, they should have a Home Floor, to which they return if there are no other calls waiting. These Home floors are dispersed all the way up the building, so there's always an elevator nearby when you need one, instead of them all being clusered randomly at the top floor, for instance.
-- simonj, Jul 03 2008

i think they do that
-- FlyingToaster, Jul 03 2008

Yes, they do, though usually there are few elevators an they home on the lobby floor.
-- MisterQED, Jul 03 2008

They do this. In my old apartment building with 17 floors, the two elevators would settle on Lobby and 8 when not used. In my new building of 19 floors, the three elevators settle on Lobby, 7, and 14.
-- phundug, Jul 03 2008

Now, make elevators that sense what time people tend to get in them in the morning and go to that floor in anticipation, and you'll have my bun :)
-- phundug, Jul 03 2008

we must have the worst lifts in the world at our building, it's only 12 floors & has 4 lift shafts, yet you constantly have to wait 5 mins for a lift, at any time of the day!
-- simonj, Jul 03 2008

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