I am a part time inventor and Objectivist in NJ, USA. I received a patent for a continuously variable transmission, but have since let it lapse as I couldn't find anyone who was interested in it. Even though I still think it was one of my best ideas. I have now applied for a patent on a new kind of Space Suit and am now attempting to market it.

My degree is in Physics, but I'm much more of a mechanical engineer at heart. In the past have run a CAD/CAM machine shop, tech support for a Fortune 500 company and now I work as an IT Director for a small company.

I'm a serious inventor and if you are reading this because I ripped on your idea, I'm sorry. I really like stuff to work in the real world and many times miss the amazing sense of whimsy that so many of the contributors here have. My wife says I lack whimsy.

email: Richard J Hauser at gmail dot com

My personal favorites of my ideas are: Rockeloonannon \ Tiny personal flashlight \ generator \ Eco-max mowing service \ Audio Manual gear shift trainer \ Bussard Centrifuge (OK, it won't work for people, but I still think it would work for automated probes.)

My personal favorite of others ideas has to be N-Prize. If the space suit sells, I will be pushing hard to help out with making the N-Prize a reality, but for now I just work too much.

All I believe are bakable ideas.

[Oct 05 2007, last modified Jun 10 2016]

3-D Custard Printer (+1, -4)
$300House (+5)
Active Speakers (+2, -2)
Atheist Security Fast Pass (+22, -12)
Audio Manual gear shift trainer (+3, -3)
Aux steam engine (-3)
Braille display using static charge (+4)
Bussard Centrifuge (+1, -3)
Cheap Piston Turbopump for tiny rockets (+3)
Cold night closer (+4)
Compressed Air Bike Frame (+7)
Cyclical battlebots drive (+4, -2)
Deadly Pond 2 (+1)
Differential Amplifier (+2)
Differential_electric_hybrid_CVT (+2, -1)
Display Glasses (-3)
DVR Playing Queue (+2)
Eco-max mowing service (+13, -3)
Einstein's orrery (+6)
Encrypted fileshare powered by zero point energy (+1, -10)
Eyes in the sky for the regular guy (+3)
Flat Panel light collector (0)
Green streets (+15)
Gyrostabilized Unicycle (+2, -3)
Heat pumped vacuum balloon (+4, -2)
Inflatable aerodynamic add-ons (+11, -2)
Interactive Language Training (+6, -2)
Ion drive balloon to orbit (+5, -2)
iPing Pong or iWii (0)
Land Shark (+15, -2)
Lifeguard Mortar or bazooka (+1)
MAGLEV tank treads (+10, -4)
Magneto-electric suspension (+2, -3)
Megalomaniacal Orrery (+1, -1)
Moon Raft Transport (-5)
Multifaceted Web Face (+8)
N-Prize Lower Stage (+4, -1)
N-Prize Stage Recovery (+3, -3)
NYC BakeCon (0)
Power of Breathing (-3)
PV Stabilized High Altitude Balloon (+5)
Rainbow Crayon (+3)
Remote Farmer (+2)
Restaurant Videoconference Blind Dating (+2)
Ribcage Generator (+1)
Robot Queen (+4, -2)
Rockeloonannon (+5, -2)
Self-winding Pacemaker (+5)
Sonic Claymore (+2)
Speeder's Eye in the Sky (+3)
Techie Time Capsule (+3)
Thermal turbopump for N-Prize (+2)
Tiny personal flashlight/generator (+3, -1)
Universal Laptop Dock for smartphone (0)
Venturi Rocket Injection (0)
Walmart volkswagen (+3, -6)
Water powered mine destruction (+5, -2)
Zombie Auto-decapitator (+9, -1)

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