I am currently abstaining from nearly all forms of electronic media. I've got some stuff to do. I'll be back.

Halfbakers may still contact me via the face book group or email me at iscinc (at) yahoo (dot) com. As always please include your HB username in the subject line or I will scathingly ignore you.

Anyone interested in my writing may peruse my website where you will find links to my blog and various online publications. Free copies of my published short stories are available to any halfbaker; please send your request via the above email address.

Frabba be with you all.

[Mar 25 2008, last modified Sep 12 2014]

Another Alterother (+23)
Automatic fire-extinguishing cooking range and hood (+3)
Big Bun is Watching... (+17)
Bugrowave Window Fan (+7)
Catalytic Converter Theft Deterrent (+9, -1)
CO2 scrubber for power plants (+1, -4)
Cooler Heads Prevail (+6)
Gyre-Gluing Garbage Gobbler (+5)
Handicapped-Only Handicapped Parking (+2, -1)
Handy-Flask (+5)
Holy War Summer Camp (+6, -1)
MIRV golf (+4)
Nuclear-Powered Asteroid-Cracking Robotic Rhinoceros Fleet (+7)
One-Time Pad Credit Card (+6, -1)
Percussive deck de-icers (+3)
Perpetually "steaming" coffee cup (+9, -1)
Postbakery (+1)
Profile page search (+1)
Railroad Downgrade Power Generator (+5)
Self-Contained Landlocked Floating Nuclear Reactor (+4)
Smart Wheels (+2, -1)
Space Junk Trawler (+4)
Talking Riot Control Grenade (+7)
The Grapefruit Grabber! (+7)
The Zero-Dollar Bill (+16, -3)
These are a few of our favorite things... (+18)
Triple-Ball (0)
True written language app for the monolingual masses (+2)
Violently Explosive Snowglobes (+4, -3)
Waffle Cows (+1, -2)
What Pants Should I Wear? (+2)

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