I enjoy croissants in real life, which, sadly is my main source of croissant intake - and I have the fishbones to prove it! :-D

Thank you all for the croissants and fishbones alike; the Bakery's a great site.

I have a unique sense of humor, I'm afraid, so don't take anything personally.

If you want or need to get in touch with me, or send a string of horribly offensive expletives to someone, send an email to lechambers at gmail dot com

[Mar 27 2007, last modified Sep 17 2009]

Anti-numlock (+2)
Beer Garments (+3, -2)
CIWS Phased Array Laser Bug Zapper (+2, -1)
Educated Voting (-6)
Emergency Vehicle Pennywhistle (+2)
Flared Bendy Straws (+2)
Googolplexidecimal (+3, -6)
Handcrank Toothbrush (+3)
HB Pun Category (-4)
HB Question Category (+4, -3)
Home Appliance Broadcast Power (-4)
Ice Telescope (+6, -1)
ManPolish9000 (+10)
Nerf-style Tear Gas Delivery System (+2)
New and Improved Hydrogen Exhaust Collector (+1, -5)
Piezoelectric Gun Bat (+2, -1)
Powered Armor Sensing Unit (+1, -4)
Right-side-up Cockpit (+2, -5)
Silly String Deodorant (+1, -2)
Telescoping Guitar Stand (+4)
Vacuum Maglev Accelerator (-2)
Warm Knit Hat With Sled (+2)
Work-Safe Screen (+1, -1)

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