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Ah Supp

Halfbaked Academy Awards. Why sit through hours of watching the Academy Awards when Halfbakery has all the drama necessary to present their own online version, hosted by Skype? Best Producer. Best writer. Best script. etcetera. It would be online for one evening only, supported by endless reruns. To uphold the solemnity of the occasion, members would be required to wear evening attire while seated in front of their computer during the presentations. Best of all, we get to lounge about pissed as farts during the show and not have to clap with relief after being forced to endure boring speeches where everyone trotts out the same old,. " God bless you mum and dad.I owe it all to you" and somehow you just know that is the last time they will ever think of their parents.

[Sep 30 2011, last modified Nov 05 2011]
(+3, -5) 21/12/2012
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