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Ah Supp

A facebook marking system for replies
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Like /dislike buttons placed next to replying contributers name similar to the system facelook copied from the Chinese.
Ah Supp, Oct 06 2011


       I foresee a number of requests for elaboration/clarification of this idea, couched in varying degrees of snarkiness.
Alterother, Oct 06 2011

       What a fantastic idea!!! [Dislike | Dislike more]
hippo, Oct 06 2011

       Entirely irrelevant, since we all like each other... right?
Alterother, Oct 06 2011

theleopard, Oct 06 2011

       but [hippo] its not an *idea*
po, Oct 06 2011

       Sorry, I should have said "meaningless drivel"
hippo, Oct 06 2011

       [marked-for-category-change] again. Look in the help file under "categories". Read it all the way through. Say "Ahhhhh I see".
FlyingToaster, Oct 06 2011

       ...maybe [Ah Supp] is a General!
xandram, Oct 06 2011

       Tit supp.
4whom, Oct 08 2011


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