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Jack of all trades...Cash register mechanic, wounded war veteran (Vietnam), pilot aircraft, oil field worker, photographer,carpenter, plumber, electrical contractor,metallurgist, professional writer. Now, in my older years, I am an Autocad Specialist working on drawings for casinos in Las Vegas Nevada...How about that!

Oh, yes, and I almost forgot...Another water fix up is to mix it with rum...the British called it grog...a more fun way to enjoy rancid water.

[Sep 13 2005, last modified Sep 23 2008]

(+5, -1) All Wall Outlet
(-2) Anti Radiator Gun
(+5, -1) By Passing Fuel Filter Filter
 Carnival Ride Mass Trans
(+6, -1) Circulating shoes
(+7, -3) Computer Air Filter
(+4) Contact lens inserter
(+5, -2) Disabled person car
(+17, -7)(+17, -7) Electric Rechargable Car Pusher
(+2, -1) Every other day off
(+1, -4) Giant Lightening Grabber
(-1) Lawn Rover
(+3) Microwave Toaster
(+4, -7) Rock Prison
(+2, -5) Seek Baseball
(+2, -1) Side Printer Sticky Note
(+28, -1)(+28, -1)(+28, -1) Sticky note shades
(+20, -1)(+20, -1) Wiper Saver

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