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Anti Radiator Gun

Stop those pesky Car Chase TV interruptions
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The rear of a police car is armed with a hefty 10 guage shotgun that shoots plastic pellets in a wide scatter. The Police car has to get in front of the offender, then blocking him just right, "Blam!" fires hundreds of plastic pellets into the front of the fleeing car. Since most cars I see running have radiators up front, this should puncture the aluminum/copper radiator tubes without harming either the occupants of the offending vehicle or passers-by. Without coolant, most cars simply will not last very long and the chase will end. Of course, this weapon has to be used with some common sense.
Blisterbob, Oct 10 2005


       Great, now car chases will involve only old VW's. That'll make for some lousy TV news reports. :)
half, Oct 10 2005

       [half] but the Porsches should liven things up a bit :D
squigbobble, Oct 10 2005

       The older Porsches, anyway.
bristolz, Oct 11 2005

       I don't know... I think a well placed RPG round would 1) end it VERY quickly, and 2) make for great news...
jong-scx, Oct 11 2005

       I like how the rubber pelets can break through plastic and alluminum but wont harm the people in the car.
Antegrity, Oct 11 2005

       Indeed. I think radiators are a little tougher than that.
5th Earth, Oct 12 2005

       If they're somehow able to get ahead of the "suspect" anyway, perhaps a series of three or four foot long metal spikes protruding from the rear of a police car equipped with a good set of brakes might do the job.   

       Or a hydraulically actuated claw that forcibly removes the radiator in its entirety.
half, Oct 12 2005

       //Of course, this weapon has to be used with some common sense.//   

       ... by... the... police?
Detly, Oct 12 2005

       Well I figure if you can get ahead of whoever you are chasing, they are actually chasing you. Most times if the cops get remotely close to the suspect they simply ram the car off the road or shoot out the tires. Certainly the suspect isnt going to line his car up with the shotgun on the police car so that his radiator can be shot out in high pursuit.
Jscotty, Oct 12 2005

       He will if you beleive in the magic of Christmas.
jellydoughnut, Oct 14 2005

       //Or a hydraulically actuated claw that forcibly removes the radiator in its entirety//   

       HA! I love it!
X2Entendre, Oct 14 2005


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