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A concerned thinker about the world's future, most of posts are about renewable energy. I realize (which many people haven't or just don't care) that with America's addiction to oil, where are heading towards a doomsday, where we will be thrown back into the dark ages when oil runs out, and evidence says it will soon. I therefore post ideas as possible solutions; many may not prove to work, because they are radical, and different. But how can we innovate unless we have radical ideas? How can we hope to dream; survive? Someone has to suggest ideas. So far my ideas have earned me many "fish skeletons". And you will notice that may spelling is less than admirable; I type fast and don't proofread most of the time. I have yet to post a really good idea, because all my ideas are told they won't work. I wanted to be an architect for the longest time, before which I wanted to be a film director, and now I aspire to be an industrial designer, designing cars for GM. I am also interested in furniture design. Mostly, I want to help our future, and the greatest threat to every aspect of our survival right now is oil. Or Global Warming--actually that's also oil.

[Nov 30 2006, last modified Jan 09 2007]
 Biofuel Infrastructure
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(+1, -2) Rain Power
(-10)(-10) Way to quit smoking: cut off access with credit card

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