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"Bluff Creek."

A movie about the Bigfoot phoenomina in the 50's and 60's.
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This movie is simply called "Bluff Creek." It is about the bigfoot sightings and evidence that were found in the Bluff Creek, California area. The story is told from the point of view that bigfoot exists, and none of it was hoaxed.

It begins in August 1958 when bigfoot tracks were first discovered by road construction worker Jerry Crew in Bluff Creek, CA. The story then follows the ensuing media frenzy and local rumors, and shows the story of the Bob Titmus's 1960 Bigfoot expedition, the "Pacific Northwest Expedition." During the expedition, they recount the stories of bigfoot encounters they were told: The Fred Beck "Apemen of Mountain St. Helens" and the Ruby Creek Incident involving George Chapman. Both stories are reinacted as flash backs. The next major portion of the movie starts in 1964, and shows the start of Roger Patterson's bigfoot research. It The story continues to October 1967, and follows precisley the account Patterson and Bob Gimlin give of their expedition to Bluff Creek where they filmed the famous footage of Bigfoot. The orignial footage should be enhanced and used to make it seem like the actors are actually in the presence of the bigfoot seen in the film. The movie then jumps to the scene of when the movie was first shown to scientists on October 26, 1967. The scene is in the projection room where there are experts from University of British Columbia and the Provincial Museum. Following the scientists comments, the movie ends, leaving the public to make their own decision on the subject. This will be the only feature film (NOT a documentary) on the Sasquatch ever.

Cam1234, Feb 06 2007

Debate on Patterson/Gimlin continues (2004) http://www.bigfoote...rticles/korff04.htm
Also read the replies to this article, linked to at the bottom of the page. [jutta, Feb 06 2007]


       /This will be the only feature film (NOT a documentary) on the Sasquatch ever./   

       What about Harry and the Hendersons?
Texticle, Feb 06 2007

       sp: one phenomenon, two phenomena.   

       I bet something like this could work, and wouldn't be surprised to hear about an attempt in the real world.   

       But what's the arc? Who am I rooting for? Why is the feature film interesting, when the obviously interesting debate is about the truthfulness of claims?
jutta, Feb 06 2007

       You are rooting for Roger Patterson (who I think Harrison Ford could play, and as for Bob Titmus I see Christopher Walken.) I believe it would be interesting because there has never been a movie about Sasquatch that tells the tale of how this pop icon became so huge in the 60's and 70's. Also never before was there a dramatic recreation of the sighting which I would love to sewe done (this is the climax of the movie). I see the film though more focused on Roger Patterson who was an eccentric and fascinating person.   

       And by the way, Texticle, when I saw only, I mean only SERIOUS movie.
Cam1234, Mar 01 2007

       Harrison Ford and Christopher Walken hunting Bigfoot? Hell yeah I'd go see that. [+]
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 25 2010


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