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I'm a college student (mechanical engineering) from Texas.

I was amazed at the delicate balance between overwhelming intelligence and sheer silliness found on this site, and felt I had to join.

hunter79764 at yahoo dot com

[Jun 20 2006, last modified Apr 03 2007]

(+11, -4) Anti Leg-Shaking Pants
(+5, -1) Burrito Diapers
(+4, -1) Cash "Pay at the Pump"
(+4) Hand-Shaped Post-Its
(+1, -2) Levitation pool
(+2, -1) More Efficient Variable Displacement
(-10)(-10) NASA to end Global Warming
(+2, -9)(+2, -9) "Reserved For Expectant* Mothers"
(+2, -1) Steerable Trailer
(+5, -2) Super Inter-cooler

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