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Hand-Shaped Post-Its

To cut down on a nasty habit
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Many people, myself included, have the bad habit of writing things on their hands to remember them later. Post-it notes solve this problem in many cases, but only if you have them with you and think about it before you write that important number that will almost certainly get smudged beyond recognition before you can use it on your hand. The solution is to have Post-It notes in a hand shape, attached with slightly stronger glue to your hand. You can have a regular pad of them. Only the last one needs the stronger glue. Also available in palm-only format for those that still require manual dexterity in their workplace.
Hunter79764, Oct 12 2006

Foot-shaped Post-its http://www.rushking...t.asp?itemID=C-0019
These folks make feet, probably would do hands if asked. [csea, Oct 12 2006]


       Would foot-shaped Post-its do? [link]
csea, Oct 12 2006

       Just gave me a good laugh.
white_dwarf, Oct 12 2006

       Coworkers might look at you strangely when you pulled off your socks to write down an extension number or something, but I suppose it could work...
Hunter79764, Oct 12 2006

       Wrong form factor, I'm thinking - make the Post-It pad a cuff for your shirt.
DrCurry, Oct 12 2006


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