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Looking through my ideas, I realise there are only 3 sensible ones, and of those only 1 is definately sensible. Oh well - sanity is a great place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there.

e-mail me at paulbritton100[insert the ususal symbol here]hotmail[dot]com

[Jan 28 2008, last modified May 31 2009]

(+14, -2)(+14, -2) Escalator School
(+5, -6) Fundamental Constant Stock Exchange
(+3) Homicidal Sat Nav
(+11)(+11) Lifejacket with Danbuoy
(+6) M25 Clock
(+12)(+12) Mirror for Vampires
(+8)(+8) Random Shaped Paperclips
(+12, -1)(+12, -1) Self-sculpting bottle
(+5, -1) The eyes follow you around the room
(+5, -4) Walking Stepladder

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