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Fundamental Constant Stock Exchange

Warning: Your investment will not go up or down. Past performance is a guide to future results.
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In these turbulent times, stock markets need a calming influence. I propose a stock market where one can trade in things that are guaranteed to stay the same, eg pi, the speed of light in vacuum, the number 16 and so forth.

The level graphs, constant figures and reassuring statements in the financial press ("and pi is continuing a 14 billion year period at a rate of 3.14....") would help to reassure investors in other markets that do not have the backing of the whole universe.

MadnessInMyMethod, Nov 03 2008

the only constant is change http://www.scienced...10/991005114024.htm
[afinehowdoyoudo, Nov 04 2008]

(?) legislating pi http://www.american...taylor-record.shtml
[afinehowdoyoudo, Nov 04 2008]


       It's possible that there are a couple of things about 'trading' that you haven't quite grasped...
hippo, Nov 03 2008

       You forgot 42
kamathln, Nov 03 2008

       I hope transaction costs will be kept to e^i(pi).
4whom, Nov 03 2008

       I don't think it would work. Speculators would bet on values of the undetermined digits.
Loris, Nov 03 2008

       Then when the economy gets really bad, the government will attempt to bail out the system by legislating a change in the value of pi.
scad mientist, Nov 03 2008

       The problem is even if the investment remains the same the value of the money goes up and down.
theGem, Nov 03 2008

       Is now the time to buy pi? Wouldn't want to get in too early.
ldischler, Nov 03 2008

       Buy pi, they're not making it any more.
david_scothern, Nov 04 2008

       if you could find a good or material whose value cannot be speculated against, you may have a start to your system. is there such a thing?
williamsmatt, Nov 05 2008


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