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So irresistably attractive that mirrors are banned in our house lest I never get past them without swooning.

Interests: Chasing squirrels anticlockwise around trees (they can only climb from a clockwise approach.. bloody annoys them it does).

I love the comic songs of Leonard Cohen ..

And I live in Wales; a country designed to keep the rain off the English. (Certainly seems to catch most of it. But are they grateful?)

Favourite religious order: The Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence.

As someone with at least 3 personalities I (we) am (are) particularly worried at present about proposals to bring in compulsory ID cards... Do I(we) make multiple applications and risk one of us being branded a fraudster? Or do I(we) take one card and cut it into three? And what about those friends of mine who have no personality? Will they be forced to carry blank cards?

[Oct 01 2001, last modified Oct 16 2001]

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