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Hug Vouchers

For the furtherance of hugging
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Hug Vouchers would be bought, like bookvouchers can, at WH Hugs, Hugs-R-Us, Hugs & Spencer, Littlehugs, Gt.Universal Hugs, Superhug, Hugsda, and online at Hug-me-soon.com.

You can then post them to anyone you think deserves a hug, and they can redeem them by approaching anyone who is willing to participate in this scheme.

It is also proposed that at 12noon on the 12th of each month, everyone should stop what they are doing and hug someone. Someone in the office, someone on the train, someone in the street.. or just the person next door.

There is a downside risk of course; the occasional black eye or knee in the groin when a hug is mistakenly percieved as molestation. And the risk that those with too much enthusiasm might have to be forcibly separated if they refuse to part within, say, 48 hours. But the benefits, of a huge upsurge of affection around the world, surely outweigh the risks.

Mygo, Oct 16 2001

No Vouchers Needed http://www.nytimes....gion/10journal.html
This guy'll do it for free. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       Incidentally, I did try saerching 'hug' but it kept timing out. So I await the usual wrath of the 'done already' police, at which stage I will of course consider transfering my comments to the most appropriate existing thread.
Mygo, Oct 16 2001

       I happen to have one in my possession. It's about the size of a business card and is put out by a company called "Hugs not Drugs". It reads:   


       This coupon entitles the bearer to   

       ONE FREE HUG   

       It's reusable, keep passing it on!
Helium, Oct 16 2001

       Helium hugs Mygo and offers a kleenex.
Helium, Oct 16 2001

done_already_police, Oct 16 2001

       Nail them to trees. Think about it...
A Farrago Of Calumnies, Oct 16 2001

       I warmly embrace Mygo's idea.
Piglet, Oct 17 2001

thumbwax, Oct 17 2001

       I like the idea but I don't think you should not be able to buy these vouchers. Prehaps you should only get them for charity donations, looking in need of a hug or in return for hugging someone who uses a hug voucher on you. Mind you the last idea poses the risk of tit-for-tat hugging encounters that could escalate.
Aristotle, Oct 17 2001

       This reminds me of 'We' by Yegevny Zamyatin where people who live in the society described can give each other 'pink tickets' which entitle the bearer to have sex with them.
stupop, Oct 17 2001

       you can get sex cheque books, and some of the cheques have a description (on the 'amount' line) of what you should do, and others are left blank for your own imagination. Could hug vouchers have denominations - A light green voucher gets you a quick embrace, a cherry red one is a bit of a snuggle, and a blue one should be redeemed in private?
lewisgirl, Oct 17 2001

       I think that there's already way to much hugging going on, though less than there was a couple of years ago. Do as you please, but leave me out.   

       Is there a polite way to refuse a coupon, or in general to just refuse a hug? People seem to take it so personally. I mean, I don't want to have to wear a shirt that reads, "Hug-Free Zone."
quarterbaker, Oct 17 2001

       [lewisgirl] I asked about those cheque books in my branch of HSBC, but they only had right-handed ones, which aren't much good for a sinister singleton like me.
-alx, Oct 17 2001

       quarterbaker: Sounds like you would need a "Get Out of a Hug Free Card" which trumphs a Hug Voucher.
Aristotle, Oct 17 2001

       Helium draws thumbwax's attention to the fact that her voucher is not pink.
Helium, Oct 17 2001

       Would 10 hug vouchers get you a blowjob voucher?
pottedstu, Oct 17 2001

       pottedstu: Valuations in derivative markets will fluctuate not just in accord with the value of the underlying security, but with the perceived future value of said security.   

       In other words, the quantity of coupons required for the blowjob is going to vary depending upon the bidder's position, the asker's position, and how long it's been since either has, um, performed.   

       Why? Are you in the market? Of course, if you strike my fancy, no coupons needed.
quarterbaker, Oct 17 2001

       quarterbaker: Don't do your fellow Americans down. We all saw the pictures of the two New York women comforting each other in the wake of the World Trade Tower collapse. This is surely a time for you to come together like us Brits did during in the Blitz.
Aristotle, Oct 18 2001

       Notes Helium's voucher is not pink
thumbwax, Mar 01 2002

       WAY too touchy-feely. I'd keep getting in trouble for breaking people's arms when they wandered up and randomly started fondling me...
StarChaser, Mar 02 2002

       when's your court case star?
notripe, Mar 03 2002

       Wanna come hug me and find out?
StarChaser, Mar 03 2002

       was more up for the random fondle than the hug really...
notripe, Mar 03 2002

       ooooohhh eeerrr!
po, Mar 03 2002

       Sorry, not my type.
StarChaser, Mar 04 2002

       I would prefer drug vouchers. Drugs will get you thru a time of no hugs better than hugs will get you thru a time of no drugs. --The Furry PHreak Brothers.
mystic2311, Dec 08 2003

       Pro-hugs. + Cute link, [DrCurry].
k_sra, Dec 16 2003


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