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Graphics designer, part time tinkerer, game designer, illustrater and fiction writer, and some other stuff too.

Ideas don't exist until they are shared. The halfbakery is a good place to make an idea real...I hope you enjoy my raw croissants. Eh heheh! Pass zee butter!

IDEAS IN PROGRESS: Smokers Cowl; Anti-smoking cigs (anabuse laced); Experimental City; Rapturegram; Bumper Car Theatre Seating; Personal Padded Cell (freestyle and baggy versions); Medieval-Look Trampoline Tent; Topkick Vehicle; Free-Range House (classy version of "Indestructible Mobile Homes"); Bed-Ball; Spray-On Moss Lawn (alt. to "No Mow"); Portable House (sim-"Porta-Walls");


[Apr 18 2006, last modified May 09 2006]

(+13, -1)(+13, -1) Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy Bomb
(+10)(+10) Lovecraft Theme Park
(+11)(+11) Salad Days Yard
(+12)(+12) Whoopee-Suit

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