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Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy Bomb

Low cost, low speed, precision guided missile.
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Inflatable yellow balloon that sports a happy face, carries a bomb payload, guidance system and music speakers.

The bomb explosively dispenses hallucinogenic laughing gas, a slow-acting knockout gas, sparkles and party confetti over a wide area. Guidance and propulsion use a propeller, remote radio control and a minicam. Also includes musical accompaniment via a compact set of speakers. Disco ball and light projector’s for nighttime version optional.

Send HHJJ bomb puttering and drifting merrily into the enemy camp to explode. Big party followed by incarceration for all.

Whirligig, May 03 2006

Potential deployment device? http://www.thinkgee...m/geektoys/rc/7397/
Just yellow - and happier looking. [Letsbuildafort, May 05 2006]

Flying vehicles http://itflys.co.uk/documents/32.html
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 15 2009]


       Exchange all Bradley Fighting Vehicles for VW Beetles or Minis and dress your troops as clowns for the raid.
methinksnot, May 03 2006

       I don't like voting 'for' weapons, but [+] for making me laugh.
kuupuuluu, May 04 2006

       [methinksnot] - will do. "Attention! Clowns prepare to depart to bomb site..." <a dozen clowns crame into each tiny car and scoot off to humiliate downed enemy units> hmmm, must remember to pack HHJJ prisoner salvage device.   

       Thanks [kuupuuluu], that was the laughing gas. Now, lay down or you may be injured when the knockout gas sets in...
Whirligig, May 05 2006

       Steempy you eediot!   

       Thanks for the link, [Letsbuildafort], that's perfect!
Whirligig, May 08 2006

       A couple of years ago I worked with a guy who had a sideline of helium-filled replica cars (UK TV viewers may have seen his Vauxhall Astra on Top Gear a few years back) for trade-shows and product launches. The vehicles were life-sized, so I'm sure a big, slab-sided Bradley would be an ideal model.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 15 2009


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