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Mad prophet from beyond time, fightin' crime, eatin' slime, and doing several other things that don't rhyme.

[Mar 04 2000]
(+5, -3) 2D Voting
(+6, -4) Colorful Drug
(+18, -2)(+18, -2) Hacksquat
(+76, -11)(+76, -11)(+76, -11) Human Bioluminescence
(+8, -3) Instant Laser Mower
 Mad Beats on Demand
 Maglev Rail Ferry
(+13, -1)(+13, -1) Mood Contact Lenses
(+8)(+8) Palm HalfBakery Portal
(+6) Shower Drain Dispose-all
(+7, -1) Synesthesia Drug
(+3) XXXml

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