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2D Voting

Add another dimension to halfbakery voting
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How about a Y axis of voting, ranging between "baked" and "unbakable", in addition to the "good" and "bad" X axis?
amadeus, Dec 04 2000


       Would need another axis for 'dumb'...Can put the 'Wouldn't it be cool if someone invented' ones there...
StarChaser, Dec 05 2000

       Aristotle, which would evaluate positively: pragmatic or surreal?
xrayTed, Dec 05 2000

       There's a whole range of categories we could vote on:   

       Is this technically feasible?
Is this a real need?
Is this a good solution?
Is this a solution for some other problem?
Is this a force for good or evil?
Is this baked?
Is this a troll?
Is this a bad idea that could lead anywhere useful?
Is this funny?

       I think most people use a combination of most or all of these to decide. There's plenty of ideas that are good solutions to trivial problems, or clever ideas that would bring the world a step closer to World War Three, or useless things that could be great with a minor alteration. I don't suppose we want to vote on all these categories, though. And 9-D displays are still in their infancy.
pottedstu, Oct 16 2001

       i was just going to post this same idea when i found this one. i think its a great idea. why?   

       if an idea is posted, and that idea is baked, normally we will vote negatively on it. but what if the original idea is good? so the idea itself is good, but the posting of that idea is bad. maybe some people who click on good looking (dough filled) ideas wont look at "bad" ideas that they would like because they think the idea is bad, not good but baked.
ironfroggy, Dec 20 2002

       I would like to see a serious/funny axis; that would help make interesting and useful top N lists.
beland, May 25 2003

       Like Ironfroggy, I came here to post this very idea + what pottedstu said.   

       I have another axis though:   

       "problem identification". A lot of the ideas thrown a bone at are only wrongly implemented. The problem identification is unique, and may provoke the right solution in another guy's mind.
kamathln, Oct 31 2008


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