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I live in Western Australia (moved here for the second time in early 2005).

Favorite ideas of my own for wishing it was real because it seems so close: stabilised skates

Favorite ideas of my own for fun: Tarzan's Yoyo, snack launcher

Favorite ideas of my own for cleverness: encrypted compressed air, centrifugal vacuum balloon

Ideas I commented on: http://www.halfbakery.com/view/ftb=r94608000,21060:s=Q:d=Qiw:dh=1:dn=10:ds=3:n=:i=ideas_20I_20commented_20on:t=cjm_20comment

View start page: http://www.halfbakery.com/view/

Participating member of the Ooolongftangftangbank profile scheme

[Nov 15 2004, last modified Sep 30 2016]

(+2) air-bottomed boat
(+5, -1) Cable Post
(+11, -4) Centrifugal vacuum balloon
(+1) Closable giant chimney vacuum cleaner to space
(+5, -2) Double-handled taps
(+1) Driver's Bluetooth Sender
(+4) Encrypted Compressed Air
(+5) Fluid Flywheel Motor
(+10, -3) Gravity Communicator
 Heat-pumped storage of thermal energy
(+5) Laser cooling 3D printer
(+1) Maximally efficient heat engine
(+6) Modular Extra Arms
(+3, -1) Newton's cradle-gun
(+2) Newton's cradle sacrificial helmet
 Osmotic pressure heat engine
 Phone back pocket
 Retroreflective 3d display
(+3) Scooter skates
(+9, -3) Snack launcher
(+1) Springy variable displacement piston pump
(+3) Stabilised skates
(+2, -3) Steam Jet Thrust Hybrid
(+11)(+11) Tarzan's Yoyo
(+2) Underwater Osmosis Fountain
(+4) Unicycle with gimballed gyroscopes
(+2, -1) Variable-opacity headphones
(+4) Who needs a runway? Every airplane wing can be a helicopter blade

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