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Closable giant chimney vacuum cleaner to space

Suck your dust into space
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This is an idea I had based on the Vacuum Vacuum.

Drop a tube down from space to earth, to use as a vacuum cleaner, keep the ground end capped when not in use. To reduce the weight of air in the tube (which would cancel the vacuum) make it black so absorb sunlight, and insulated on the outside, so the air inside is warmed. For use at night, heat the air going in. Or just suck with the vacuum that's already there, it will recharge by heating the next day.

One issue - having all your dust and rubbish raining down onto the upper atmosphere might be bad.

caspian, Oct 29 2018

Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum_20Vacuum
Similar idea which inspired this, but not a chimney. [caspian, Oct 29 2018]


       You could put a filter bag on it like regular vacuum cleaners sometimes have to stop the dust going everywhere, but the astronauts might not like having to stop at your vacuum cleaner to change the bags.
caspian, Oct 29 2018

       Well, ignoring the standard difficulties with such a scheme, you could solve the problem of needing astronauts to empty the vacuum bag by putting the bag at ground level.
scad mientist, Oct 29 2018

       Then you could have the astronauts at ground level too, and save the trouble and expense of a launch.
8th of 7, Oct 29 2018


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