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By modest qualification I am an analytical chemist and I spent most of my career in the metalliferous mining industry. Latterly I carried out environmental analysis for a waste management company.

Now well into retirement the ideas still well up from time to time but I have no facilities for consummating most of them. This site might give them a life.

lionel[put a dot here]sear[atnospam]google.com

[Mar 12 2012, last modified Mar 22 2012]

(+2) Assistance for Cadaver Sniffer Dogs
(+5, -1) Assisted Draught Charcoal Stove
(+2) Cheap Face Mask
(+2) Dual Injector System for Diesel Engines.
(+3) Reduced Pressure Lighter Than Air Machine
(+6) Simple Solar Still.
(+2) Underground Incineration
(+2) Water Pumps.

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