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Dual Injector System for Diesel Engines.

Reliably ignite poor quality fuels.
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This would apply to large static Diesel engines.

Each cylinder of the engine would have two injectors with identical timing: a small one which injects high quality fuel into a small sub chamber so as to ignite reliably and set off low grade fuel from the much larger second injector. In this way it would be possible to ignite very poor quality fuels--perhaps water/fuel emulsions or maybe even water or fuel/solid suspensions.

It might be possible to inject really low quality fuel at the bottom of the stroke before compression thus reducing the engineering demands on this injector.

corvuscornix, Jul 16 2012

White Multifuel http://www.youtube....watch?v=x79sk8Bo1Lo
[normzone, Jul 16 2012]


       The problem with that last paragraph is you still need to produce an atomised spray, even if it's coal particulates; one of the reasons that the powerplants that utilise Bunker 'A' (one step up from road tar) still use air-blast injection.   

       In terms of stratified-charge internal combustion, it's worth considering. But if you look at imagery of a Diesel injection plume, you'll see that it starts to burn as soon as it exits the injector into the hot, compressed air in the whirl chamber.   

8th of 7, Jul 16 2012

       As far as the issue of building an engine that can handle multiple types/qualities andor contaminated fuels, the mechanical variable-compression regulator on the White Multifuel is a simpler and fully baked solution, but kudos for creativity.   

       The only things the White won't burn are high-octane avgas and pure distilled water, and it'll take a good run at the water before it gives up, and it's all down to this little doohickey with a spring and flat bit that makes the engine go "BRRAA-APP!!" when it moves to a new position. Unless this fancy dual injector of yours makes humorous noises and never, ever breaks or wears out, I'll stick with the compression regulator.
Alterother, Jul 16 2012

       Propane assisted diesel has a similar goal of using a small amount of clean-burning fuel to improve overall combustion.
spidermother, Jul 16 2012

       Yes, but what if you're still wearing the overalls when they catch fire?
8th of 7, Jul 16 2012


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