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[This account was destroyed in a disk crash in October 2004 and has been partially restored from a cached copy. If it is yours, please send e-mail to <bakesperson@halfbakery.com> to reclaim it. ]

I should have changed my profession to fisherman. It seems I'm getting alot of fish here.

So, you ask, what is destructionism? Let's start by identifying other "isms" in society. You have Catholicism, which believes in God, Christ, and the Holy spirit, to name a few. Nihilism, which believes in absolutely nothing. Destructionism is a combination of both. I believe in all forms of government...I just want to blow everything I see sky high. Or, at least in theory.

I've had a life-long dream of re-creating famous structures, vehicles, aircraft, ships, and people out of sand. Individually gluing each grain of sand together. Then, once my masterpiece is done, I want to rig it with C-4 and destroy it. Why? Because I'm destructionism, and that's what I do. I also wish to construct a 40ft clipper to sail and circumsize the world.

Interesting non-fiction facts:

I am a bush pilot. I am a beach bum at heart. Leisure activities rank highest with me. Canadian bacon is actually ham. I drink like a fish. Drove in a non-competitive Baja 1000 run. Ran in the Bataan Memorial Death March, finished in 6 hours. I love anything meat-related. I have mastered inside loops, outside loops, and ground loops. I am insane at times. My email is not synonymous with me. It was a nickname given to me by some German friends. It seems if you're wearing a cowboy hat, you're the Marlboro Man in Germany. And no, I don't smoke. My email address:

the_marlboro_man_gets_email at yahoo.com

[Aug 16 2004, last modified Jul 27 2004]

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