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Email me at dlapham@gmail.com If you like my ideas. -David Lapham

[Jun 22 2004, last modified Apr 10 2005]
(+4, -2) Airport Pass
(+5, -2) Beer Can Powered Car
(+3, -1) geographically relevant mobile billboards
(+7, -1) GPS embedded into laptop battery
(-2) Intercontinental Ballistic Cruise Missile (ICBCM)
(+4) Lego House
(+11)(+11) Night Mode for Police Strobes
(+3) Public School Night Shift
 Secure Simple mailbox Transport Protocal (SSMTP)
(+4, -2) Supercharger Boost Control
 temperature differential phase change power generation
(-2) Weather Balloon Mounted GPS Jammer

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