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geographically relevant mobile billboards

Mobile Billboards which change based on GPS location
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This idea is not compleatly original, and it is possibly that even this version of it is baked, but here goes.. We all of seen that mobile billboard pasted to the sides of trucks which drive around major cities. Some even have monitors which are attached to people which are paid to walk around a city. What I am proposing is that you change these adds in the same way that Google changed internet search content. Make them targeted based on the location of the mobile billboard. following is one way that this could be done using existing technology.

Delivery panel truck has large Plasma, OLED or Rear Projection monitors on each side and the back. The company running the trucks has a website with a map of the set route which this truck runs along with the approxamate time range that the truck is expected in each area. Companies will then bid on a location and time slot for their add to play. The truck will then changes adds on each screen based on GPS data giving the location of the truck and time.

While not as targeted as Google's Adsence, this will allow a truck to drive a wide area route, while displaying only adds relevant to its current location. For example. Duffy Ford could bid to have there sale price on F150's displayed while the truck passes in front of Dubbs Ford. Dubbs Ford would have the options of out bidding duffy based on it's importance to them..

dlapham, Jan 31 2006

Same Concept, but different media http://netlab.cs.uc...andan2005v2vcom.pdf
This idea uses some of the same concepts [dlapham, Jan 31 2006]


       Very original, despite what you may think, although it sounds like more trouble than it is worth.
Pac-man, Jan 31 2006

       Another use of this just hit me.. Long Haul Trucking Companies could increase profits by using a rear facing projector inside the trailor. The top of the back doors could use smoked poly-carbonate, which would still be effective in preventing theft, but would also act as a screen for the projector inside. The system would be the same as my originaly posted idea otherwise and advertising would be for restraunts, filling stations and other attractions located at the upcomming cities. This would be safer for motorist as well because the truck is in front of them on the road rather than off to the side and elevated like most billboards are..
dlapham, Feb 01 2006

       It's bad enough having billboards blight the landscape. You like them to contribute directly to traffic?   

       How would you feel about the products if you sat behind them, breathing in their exhaust?   

       I guess you had my fishbone at "mobile billboards", sorry. [-]
sophocles, Feb 01 2006

       I'm not inventing mobile billboards, they already exist. I am just making them targeted based on their geographic location.. As far as exaust goes, it would be in the intrest of all parties involved to use trucks that meet or excede the most stringent of emmissions regulations. The cleaner, the better.
dlapham, Feb 01 2006

       The main problem with advertising is that it gets in the way and is very rarely relevant to you. Google of course changed that by having advertising that was relevant and I thinkhaving billboards that do the same would be much better.   

       With the introduction of HDTVs Plasma screens will get much larger for the same price so it may be viable
miasere, Feb 02 2006


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