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Graphic designer - San Francisco - Pisces.

Ethically opposed to voting up my own ideas (though I did vote one of them down).

[May 16 2001]

(+4) Collision Handshake Recorder
(+5) Double Jetways
(+1, -2) Gyroscopic Drill
(+10, -1)(+10, -1) Holonomic Cars
(+13)(+13) Lego PDA
(+1, -5) New Year's Party Limbo/Eliminate Leap Years
(+17, -7)(+17, -7) Pop-Up Severe Tire Damage Spikes for Red Light Runners
(+5) Stroller speed governer
 Subscription TV shows
 White Videotapes
(+6, -3) WWJD? Game Show

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