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Subscription TV shows

Apply magazine model to television
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TV shows, whether they be broadcast or cable, should be available in a subscription format. At the beginning of the season, you can subscribe to your favorite TV show by paying a fee that averages out to $5 to $15 per episode (depending on length, production cost, and popularity). Every week you will be mailed a videotape or DVD, or be allowed to download an MPEG from the network's website.

Advantage to viewer: The video/DVD/MPEG will be completely free of paid ads (though at the end there'd be some network ads-- "If you like "the Sopranos," you'll love "Six Feet Under"). You'll never miss an episode because you forgot to program the VCR/your TiVo was full/rolling blackouts hit that night/your spouse wanted to watch something else. You'll have a high-quality archive of your favorite shows. You'll get to watch them before anyone else (just as magazines arrive at subscribers' homes before hitting the stands). You can subscribe to individual shows without subscribing to a whole premium service.

Advantage to network: A single viewer will spend thousands of dollars over the years for shows he could otherwise watch for free. Networks can ride P2P wave instead of trying to fight it.

Note: This does not replace the current system of ad-based free TV and paid cable. It supplements it.

ejs, May 31 2001


       Sorta like PPV?
AfroAssault, May 31 2001

       AfroAssault: Yeah, like PPV, but for an entire television season, plus you get a copy of it, and you don't have to watch it at a specific time, or wait for the cable company to offer it on PPV.   

       waug: Yes, you've seen it done for many shows that are 30 years old. The idea is to do it for current shows, as they air.   

       UB: With subscription TV shows, you can order the 1-2 hours you want to watch and play it in your computer's DVD player. No TV necessary. By the way, why don't you just unplug your friends' TV and put it in a closet, or the garage?
ejs, May 31 2001

       [claralunardi] is having some problems with the site. I think we'll need an admin to delete the link.
phoenix, Jun 04 2002

       Done, phoenix.
StarChaser, Jun 05 2002


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