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In case you were wondering IMHO = In My Humble Opinion

Hi, my real name is Jonathan, and my real job is a software engineer. I discovered halfbakery way back in 2003 at the beginning of my graduate studies (PhD in Astronomy), but closed out my account and never got back to it. Now that I graduated, I will hopefully get back to it a bit more now.

Note: some of my ideas got erased, so I'm posting them anew. After almost 6 years, I hope no one will mind reading them again.

You want to know even more about me? Lookup- http://jdevor.com

Later, Jonathan

"I like to keep an open mind, but not so open my brain falls out."

[Jul 31 2003, last modified Mar 02 2009]

(-1) A Drowsiness Detector for Motorists
(+3, -6) A Secure Off Switch for Cell Phones
(+15)(+15) A Tub Toy for Teaching Electricity
(+8, -4) An Electric Paper Knife
(+2, -6) Anti-Paparazzi Spray Gun
(+3, -4) Antifreeze Shipping Lane
(+4) Automatic Tire Inflation Measurement
(+4) Butt Conforming Seat
(+1) Chameleon wind farm
(+5, -2) Generation Yuzz
(-2) Money for beggars
(+2) news://rec.humor. explanations
(+4) No more lint
(+4) No-Screensaver Button
(+8, -6) Off-Peak Restaurant Discount
(+1) Peel Clean
(+3) Personalized News
(+1) Restaurant Flash-Cards
(+1) Safe Blood Donation
(+3) Shaver Stress-Test
 Sirens for the Deaf
(+2) Skis for Charlie Chaplin
(+3, -2) Slot Machine with Advertised Probabilities
(-3) “Smart Idea” Bonus
(+3) Soundproof walls for airplanes
(+3, -2) Theater/Plane Armrest Zapper
(+4, -1) Time Warp Detector
(+4, -2) Tip Per Plate
 Tip the Flight Attendants
(+1) Tornado poppers
(+7, -2) Word Processor Spelling List
(+2) Zeameter

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