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Shaver Stress-Test

Gage your stress level using your shave cleaner
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Not long ago I treated myself for one of those automatic electric-shaver cleaners (aka "hairy potters"). As it turns out, even my low-end cleaner has an indicator of how much hair was shaved off. Now I shave every morning, pretty much at the same time. And yet the cleaner detects a significant variability in my bristle length. The best correlant I could find to this variability is stress. That is, the more stressed I was the previous day, the less there is to shave the following morning. This makes perfect sense since when you’re stressed, your body is diverting all its resources to fight or flight organs (i.e. brain, muscles, heart), and away from less important function like hair growth (also digestion and tissue regeneration). This is also why a prolonged extremely stressful situation can cause some people to lose hair. So if stress can be detected by your shaver cleaner- then for no extra cost, have it calibrated to indicate your stress level too. Your shaver might say: “Mr. Jones, you seem to have had a really stressful week, how about you relax this weekend.” I’d pay a little extra for that. Note: You don’t need to limit yourself to only facial hair. Therefore, in principal, woman can benefit from this as well as men. However, if you’ve had your hair follicles burnt off by laser treatment, then you’re out of luck.
imho, May 31 2009




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