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Jimfl (jimfl@tensegrity.net) is a systems developer, Factor of Baloney, avid reader, and a geek.

Reference Material:

* Jim Flanagan: http://jimfl.tensegrity.net

* Bubble Chamber Weblog: http://bc.tensegrity.net

* House of Baloney: http://www.baloney.com

[Jan 06 2000, last modified Jan 05 2000]

(+1, -20)(+1, -20)(+1, -20) "Be-Gentle" Keyboard
(+3) Component Service Provider
(+14, -6)(+14, -6) Don't Take the 'Bate
(+4, -5) Drive Yourself to Work Day
(+4) Home Cell
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(+4) Social Workspace
(-1) wuwei.net
(+4, -1) XMLTV

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