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next url

HTML tag to facilitate navication in a standard way.
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An HTML Tag which specifies the next page to be loaded in a sequence (for example, sections of a FAQ). Browsers could then support a Next button which would be active if the document contained a <NEXT REF="some/url"> tag, and also a key accelerator. This would facilitate reading complex documents without having to local and click on the on page navigation.
jimfl, Jan 28 2000

XML Links http://www.w3.org/1...7/WD-xlink-19990726
XML Linking Language [jutta, Jan 28 2000]

HTML LINK tag http://www.w3.org/T...t/links.html#h-12.3
<LINK rel=NEXT href=...> HTML HEAD element. [jutta, Jan 28 2000]


       This exists, but without the key accelerator (and without wide use, as far as I can tell.)
jutta, Jan 28 2000

       How about something to automaticly ship annoying Flash Intro's.
last_minute_fan, Sep 09 2001

       [last-minute-fan] use Firefox and install Flashblock extension.
kamathln, May 21 2009

       it's either cavitation or navigation.
WcW, May 21 2009


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