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Earthy tones covered in soft orange fuzz.

Lightly padded smallish feet.

Sockets filled with geletin like substance.

Digits o plenty.

Candied ripe noise.

Pear pimples for hairy fishnuts.

Delicate clusters of large helmeted muckywucks.

Fish fins.

Gentle, soothing intestines.

Rotting angels.

Terrible Dyne.

Bashful Doldrums.

Unopened wound.

Feral kittens.

Glasses weigh heavy on fragile head.

Kill the crazy dog.

Mother natures bonnet.

The windscreen is in the boot.

The freckle on my toe looks like Minnie Driver.

It only hurts if you land on glass.

Suffocated by feathers, dusted with a light peanut sauce.

Too many unopened pepsi cans.

Long curly teeth.

Chubby on the inside.

Ripe succulent knee caps.

Large sharp spoons.

Missile toes.

A face that launched an overnite deli.

Dormant figs.

Pineapple chunks with cream filling.

Mortuary steam cleaners.

Delicate arcs of rear end reflectors.

Cashmire tooth decay.

Slut filled turtle necks.

Pagan's on a stick.

Degenerative malaise.

Relaxed and tiny.

Sea clusters.

Shrew poo.

Naked paper.

llamas stunt growth.

Actual time is now arriving on track 12.

[Oct 15 2002]

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