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I'm very interested in new business models and technology which can enhance community and potentially save people time.

I am also interested in weaving this together with new ways of doing market research and marketing to people.

I've looked at developing things like: 1. phone clubs (like Yahoo clubs, except through the phone, but more local in flavor) 2. a map portal where people could share their favorite places using new GPS technology (phone based probably, given laws in the states for GPS in phones) 3. a GPS enabled bus used for promotions, that does local human interest stories. People vote with their phones to control where the bus travels. goto: www.geocities.com/nelsonreilly/sl.html 4. I tried to bring an elephant researcher and OnStar together -- to track an elephant online in real time. I wrote a commercial involving the elephant.

email: nreilly@worldnet.att.net

[Oct 15 2000]

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