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singles club

eat and socialize together
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I'm from the States, so there may be a bias here.

The last scarcity seems to be time. We never have enough of it. It makes it harder to meet people. Plus, for singles especially, cooking on one's own is a drag.

Why not kill two birds with one stone?

Create a club, where singles subscribe, paying for so many meals per month. At the same time, the regularity of the same customers creates opportunities for conversation and forming bonds. Other services could be provided over time -- laundry, e.g.

nreilly, Oct 15 2000

table for six http://www.tableforsix.com/
They organize dinners, which solves the same problem, but of course is more formal and more focused on meeting someone than on feeding yourself quickly and cheaply. [jutta, Oct 15 2000]


       Ask a few Q-tips where they're meeting friends these days. I'm not above dropping in on the odd retirement community rec room in a pinch but some locations are even better for meeting a variety of age groups.
Hint: go to any hotel or church they mention. The reasoning is that some of your hotels with bars offer super buffets that are yours to feed from for the price of a drink or two. Also true of churches, but plan to be prompt because they generally clean up quicker than the nightclubs and seconds are rarely an option. Best bets are the Episc.s and S Bab.s since they, like most of that ilk, will eventually concede that they're eating their young faster than they can be replaced. Bon appetite!
reensure, Oct 15 2000

egnor, Oct 16 2000

       There are still private clubs, though I don't think many of them are for singles only (after making friends there, would you have to quit when you paired up?). Meals, more-or-less vetted acquaintances, "the roof is an introduction". Hotel rooms and a mail drop, sometimes. If you truly think time is the only scarcity, these would probably be fine for you; they rarely try to be cheap.
hello_c, Oct 16 2000

       The club wouldn't be just for singles, but it would be targeted to that segment. The meal would be the focal point, but other services and activities might go with it. Services like laundry/dry cleaning and outings, rather than hotel rooms and mail service...   

       I belonged to an eating club at the university. It was a good way to meet people, but get a basic need met. They served one meal for dinner (two if there were vegetarians in the club). So, you didn't get much choice on a given night, but it was good food. They knew how many to expect, so they could prepare just this amount. This strategy might reduce costs. Money is always an issue! It would need to be priced just somewhat more than other quick alternatives.
nreilly, Oct 16 2000

vincebowdren, Oct 17 2000

       I'm single and I enjoy cooking, so if anyone wants to come round and do the housework whilst I make dinner...
DrBob, Oct 17 2000

       "Any knucklehead can clean him nose with a Qtip." -- the Phantom Diner.
Anywhere there's more money than causes, you'll seat Qtips.
reensure, Oct 17 2000

       Sloppy singles may meet at the local bar.
Vance, Feb 08 2001

       Q-Tips have white heads, just like senior citizens.
beland, Feb 08 2001


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